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Kids Gym
Ages 3-8

This is a precursor to the diver team. These classes consist of  entry level gymnastics lessons. Gymnastics is the basis not only for Diving but for many other sports. Sessions consist of 8 lessons.
Sign up in the Learn-to-Swim office. Space is limited.​
Ages 6 and Younger

​For graduates of the Kids Gym program and children already beyond swim lessons but not quite ready for Dive Team 1. About 50% of these classes are in the gym, again focusing on the all important skills and athleticism learned there. Basic jumps and head first dives are learned in the water.  
Dive Team 1
Ages 7 and Older

This is the beginning of the journey towards becoming a competitive diver. All groups at COM have a heavy emphasis on preparation in the gym. Flexibility, conditioning, skill acquisition, and muscle memory are emphasized. 50% of practice is spent in the gym. Core basics are taught in the water. Divers are regularly tested in our skills testing program.
Dive Team 2
Elite 3, 2, 1

Moving through skill progressions and demonstration of commitment and desire will elicit an invitation to move in to these groups.
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