This group is our first level of developmental diving. In this group, we are taking the skills learned from the beginner group and perfecting them so that they can be progressed into more complicated skills and dives. This group will have the opportunity to compete at the Future Champions level.

Skills Necessary to Enter:

  • Have a basic understanding of diving and the skills, positions, and vocabulary necessary to be a beginner level diver.
  • A desire/willingness to progress basic skills already learned.

Goals of the Group:

  • Learn and understand names of dives and their associated dive numbers
  • Perfect basic body positions in dryland modeling and on basic skills
  • Increased confidence in head first entries/being upside-down
  • Mastery of underwater lineup sequence
  • Jumps in all positions with proper (Rocking) takeoff on 1m and 3m
  • Introduction to direction-specific arm swing timing
  • Front lineup on 3m
  • Back lineup on 1m
  • Front dive straight on side of pool and 1m
  • Modeling of more complex skills:
    • Springboard back press
    • 1-step springboard hurdle
    • Platform takeoffs in all directions
  • Increased strength:
    • Ability to hold body positions (Hollow, plank, arch, etc.) for up to 1 minute
    • Assisted headstands and handstands
    • Hanging tuck and pikeups
    • Adequate leg strength to be able to demonstrate correct board timing in squats and jumps
    • Adequate core strength to be able to demonstrate/hold correct body positions in the air.
  • Willingness to push through fears, try new things and be respectful to coaches and peers.

Future Champions 1