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Our Coaching Philosophy
• We want athletes to come to practice prepared, have a positive attitude and be coachable.

• The dive does not have to be great, but you always should try.

• Respect coaches, other divers and yourself in talk and actions.

• Let the coaches do the coaching. The parents' job is to be supportive, even on a bad day at practice. The divers need to look to ONE PLACE for instruction and that is to the coaches.

​• Failure is a great teacher. Kids MUST be allowed to fail if they are to learn.

• Let your child articulate what they feel or need to the coaches. Do not try to speak for them.

• Life is about making choices both good and bad. Our goal is to teach kids how to make choices, and learn from those choices.

• They must be allowed to choose for themselves. Only then will they learn PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

• We respect the learning process and the time it takes to work through that process. Making choices and learning from those choices takes time. It takes longer for some than others. It is completely individual. There is no right, wrong, good or bad timeline here. It is what it is.

• The process of learning to make choices and live with the results of those choices produces a healthy person who takes responsibility for themselves and their actions. This is our goal.

• DO NOT bribe your child. If it takes a video game or ice cream to get them to try something then they aren’t ready to do it. They need to WANT to do it for the right reasons.