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Annual Dive-A-Thon
COM Aquatics is a big place. With 7 pools, it takes a lot to keep the lights on and the water treated. The annual Dive-A-Thon is a fundraiser that is done by the athletes and families at COM, where the athletes help to maintain the facility they train in.
It is time for the Dive-A-Thon! The kids have a lot of fun doing it and can't wait each year. Each diver (or family) is required to raise $125 by getting pledges or donations then completing as many dives or swimming as many laps as possible during their practice time.

October 2nd: Start getting pledges/donations

October 18th: Deadline for coaches to do Dive-A-Thon during a regular practice time

October 23rd: Packets due to COM front office

November 6th - 20th: Pick up Prizes

Volunteers are needed to count dives. Please print out your own packet and get started, check out the links below.

Dive-A-Thon Packet
Explanation Letter
Donation List (Due Oct 23rd)
Prize Sheet (Pick up Nov 6th-20th)
Why Donate
The kids look forward to this all year! Parents too. The kids start to show up at 7:30pm and may join anytime until midnight. They dive, play, lip sing contest, watch movies and eat pizza all night.

Drop off at 7:30pm | Pickup at 7:00am
Early Pickup anytime before midnight.

Please be on time to pick up the kids in the morning, we’ve been up all night with the kids and need a nap of our own!

Kids are allowed to invite one Non-COM member each sibling or friend, who must pay and sign a waiver.

What to bring:
​      - Suit
​      - Towels (bring a couple)
​​      - Dry clothes
​      - Pajamas (or whatever they want to sleep in)
      - Sleeping bag and whatever pillow they want
      - Toothbrush (yeah right)